About Us

We would like to see you replicate or even exceed our own successes. We started just like you - dreaming about what seemed to be the impossible and losing sleep thinking “How do I make this happen?”. As a group we are all from different backgrounds and have varying levels of experience in a wide range of businesses from finance, technology and production to trade, corporate, legal, fundraising and acquisitions. Together we can help you drive your business forward.

We know what it is like to be at that crucial stage in your business where you need some help and support and maybe additional expertise to reach the next milestone, so when we take on a new project we will make ourselves available for as much practical help and support as your venture may need. Just like you, we went through the challenges of finding the starting capital or that little extra funding to help us along the way. We are now well positioned to help others achieve their Big Dream.

It is our intention to take risks on those who come to us with that Big Dream and help them to seize the opportunity that will see a dramatic change in their future. We believe in real talent regardless of background, education or geographical location and will provide an equal opportunity to anyone demonstrating a sound idea.

Contact Us

The first step in the next stage of your business journey is to get in touch with us. So if your Big Idea is ready to be turned into a reality then get in touch today.