Business Support

There are many different ways in which your business can benefit from support beyond growth funding. Some businesses stall not because of financial constraints but also because of expertise gaps and lack of internal experience. We are holding a series of events that can go some way towards plugging those gaps.

Industry-leading experts and entrepreneurs will share their experiences and make themselves available during discussion panels covering everything from good business practice, growth strategy, financial planning, marketing and many other areas of expertise that are crucial to the success of your business.

Strategic Financial Help

Selling your business. We can take part in negotiations, carry out due diligence, perform a pre-sale review of your accounting, reporting and performance management to maximise your exit price.

Acquisitions Investment appraisal. For investors or buyers, we can represent you in negotiations, review any potential investments you have identified, lead your due diligence and acquisition processes, all while working closely with legal teams

Business planning. We can help you with performance, cash forecasting and business development

Restructuring. There are many ways in which we can look at optimising your business structure. It often takes an external party to identify areas that can be optimised to ensure maximum profitability.

Ongoing Financial Support

Business improvement and turnaround. It is quite common for a business to flat line or see a drop in performance and in those cases an external view can alter that path and turn you back into profitability.

Funding. We can help you access funding from investment funds, venture capitalists and banks. Arrange asset finance to help you grow your business quickly

Governance and Non-Executive board appointments . Having experienced individuals on your board can give you a seriously valuable team member who brings with him/her not only a vast range of business experience but also a network of contacts that can take your business to a new level.

Interim appointments. Hands-on involvement to protect your investments, manage your finance team and give confidence to your stakeholders

Financial Operations

Accounts and internal finance processes. Full risk assessment to ensure your finance systems are fit for purpose

Reporting. How does your accounting measure up? Process and reporting reviews. Creating accurate, concise, timely, useful management accounts to help you run your business armed with all the facts and figures as and when you need them.   

Cashflow planning and management

Company formation and bank account opening

Special Financial Expertize 

Start-ups, fast growth, entrepreneurial businesses, family businesses if following sectors:  technology, finance, medical, property, retail, wholesale, e-commerce, property

Marketing Help 

Helping businesses grow - for both - start ups and established businesses. 

We work with you to identify the right marketing mix to meet your objectives. The media neutral nature and transparency of our marketing team allows us to provide fully integrated digital marketing service, utilizing every online marketing technique and discipline available to us to exceed our clients' expectations.

Whether you need to create, develop or revitalize your brand, reach out to your existing or new customers, raise awareness of your brand or products to new local and foreign markets, increase lead generation, launch a website, develop your digital presence or engage your online audience, we have the expertise to support your objectives. 

Our services include:

  • affiliate and paid advertising

  • blogging

  • brand management and pr

  • content creation, marketing and management

  • integrated marketing, 

  • marketing strategy,

  • outreach and back-link audits

  • globalization

  • search

  • search engine optimization

  • site crawls and audits

  • site creation and management

  • social media and account creation

  • ux


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