The risk takers

We understand fully that it takes great strength and determination to become a successful entrepreneur and that sacrificing the comforts of secured salaries and a regular income in order to pursue your dreams is a truly admirable quality to have. We recognise that being a risk taker places you into the realms of many great individuals in the business world who have reaped the rewards of the risks they took in the early years of their businesses. Walt Disney was famously sacked from one of his first jobs at a newspaper because he “lacked creativity”. The rest, as they say, is history.

In more recent times, software engineer Brian Acton was rejected by both Facebook and Twitter despite an extensive career at Yahoo and Apple. Brian went on to create Whatsapp and sell it to Facebook for almost $20 billion. Those are two perfect examples of individuals who took risks despite coming across knockbacks. And those are the sort of inspirational people we believe will continue pursuing their dreams when mainstream growth sources shut down on them. When others don't believe in you, but you continue to believe in yourself, we are with you all the way.

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